Concentration Techniques in Kindergarten!

I did a teacher training session with the teachers from Jiva Public School on concentration techniques. My focus was on the upper classes, however there were a few teachers who attended from the pre-primary classes.

Kindergarten students of Jiva Public School do concentration techniques

Kindergarten students of Jiva Public School do concentration techniques

After a few days, the teachers came to my office to report to to me the great success they had had with their students. They explained that they had tried starting lessons off with concentration techniques–or when students started to get out of control, they did the techniques and immediately after, were able to get all of the students to pay attention.

What was most surprising, though was the kindergarten teachers who said they were also getting results. I could hardly believe it as I  thought it would be very difficult for 5 year olds to close their eyes, sit still, and follow the teacher’s commands. So I paid a visit to the KG classes. To my surprise, they did a great job! Here are some photos of the kids performing concentration techniques. Here the teachers were asking them to put their concentration on different parts of their bodies as a means of getting them to a) understand attention as a “thing”, and b) to control it.

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